Being part of Arroyo, you can count on being paid on all eligible premiums every year, making for excellent security in profit sharing.

Arroyo enables your independent agency to participate in the most generous top tier profit sharing bonuses.

Membership fees are significantly offset by the pooled profit sharing the group experiences annually.

Year after year Arroyo achieves profit sharing and contingency payouts with almost 90% of our direct carrier appointments.


Use our interactive tool below to see your profit sharing potential as a member of Arroyo.

20% Payout is provided to the Arroyo Group during the first 10 years

Member dues include, but are not limited to, the following resources:


·      Access to Arroyo Insurance Companies

·      Arroyo California license costs – includes adding licensed staff to license

·      Arroyo licensing costs in 50 states

·      Monthly marketing meeting costs

·      Director of Agency Development and support staff

·      Memberships to IBA West, WIAA & CAHU

·      Membership to Employers Group

·      E-mail addresses & E-mail server management with Spam management

·      Subscription to Sage/Silver Plume

·      Continuing education through Insurance Community University

·      Arroyo Website design and maintenance fees

"We chose Arroyo because it provides access to a tremendous depth of markets and opportunities that simply were not available to us elsewhere. Further, Arroyo maintains preferred agency contracts with all the key carriers which lead to preferred handling, better relationships, and lucrative carrier incentive agreements. Additionally, through the network of partner agents, we are able to receive a wide variety of agency management support and technical assistance.”

                                                               - Bruce Maxwell